Our chains are only as strong as we think they are
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The Path to Freedom

Week 1

Releasing the Past

We need to identify what led you to where you are now, how you feel about where you are now, and learn how to let go of what has already happened. This will create a strong foundation for the work that lies ahead. We will make concrete the reason why you are here, learn why it is so important to stay rooted in your mission and practice the techniques you will need to re-route when you start to stray.

Week 2

Building your Temple

You need a strong Temple to be successful in your life. Your Temple is the place where your mind, body and spirit harmonize to turn your desires into reality. A strong Temple allows you to step into your power and remain there. If your temple is poorly built or in shambles, then you will drown in a sea of inactivity which is counter-productive to your goals.

Week 3

Dispelling Fear and Failure

We need to re-frame your beliefs about Fear and Failure and learn how they can both hinder and benefit you. After changing your understanding of these two concepts by allowing fear to become your compass and failure your teacher, you can begin to take physical action that leads you to your goals

Week 4

Overcoming Yourself

We need to identify all the ways that you hold yourself back from the success that would come naturally if you allowed it. We'll explore why this happens, practice some powerful routines to regain control, and make space for new opportunities to come into your life.

Week 5

Discipline Vs. Motivation

We need to break down the difference between being motivated and being disciplined. If you want to succeed at anything, you have to learn how to control your mind. When nobody else wants what is best for, you will either become your own best ally or your own worst enemy.

Week 6

Discovering your Gifts

You need to discover and harness the power of the gifts you were given at birth. You will learn how to identify and isolate your strengths from your weaknesses so that you can start building some forward momentum that will push you in the right direction

Week 7

Money Awareness

You need to learn how to monetize your gifts. The best way to learn how to make money with your gifts is to pay attention to everytime you spend money on someone else's gift. You will learn how you are going to enter the business market, how you are going to make money, and why you are going to make money.

Week 8

Crafting your Offer

You need to learn how to craft your offer and mould the vision of your business into shape. To accomplish that, you will need to gain clarity on your product or service, truly identify the problem you solve, as well as learn how to price yourself properly.

Week 9

Social Media and Personal Branding

You need to practice marketing your gifts to the world. It's not enough to be gifted at something. You have to also be good at getting attention, helping people find you and making it easy for people to spend money on what you are selling. You will soon understand the importance of these topics and the possibilities available to you when they are leveraged correctly.

Week 10

Authentic Sales

You need to re-imagine your relationship with sales and money. You have something important to share with the world and you deserve to be compensated for that. Share your gift with others in a way that feels aligned and authentic to you and make it easy for people to pay you. We'll dive into the psychology of sales and how to execute this process in a way that benefits both you and your customers.

Week 11

Entrepeneur's Toolbox

You need to learn what tools are out there to be used at your disposal to bring your business to life. I'm going to show you where to find different websites, software, apps and other tools that I use and show you how to incorporate them into your business workflow

Week 12


This is where we craft your personal action plan to catapult you and your business forward. Your mind, body and spirit are now aligned with one another and you are ready to do the damn thing. Step into your new life and know that I'll be here for continued support.