How do I get a refund if my product arrived damage?

Your satisfaction is my priority. If your product arrived damaged or defective, let me know and I will make it right by either sending you a replacement or refunding your entire purchase.

How do I cancel/pause my PT subscription?

Send me an email at "" and I'll have your subscription canceled or paused as requested. No Hassle.

Can you send me the video?

You can join Rodaflow and view the footage on our platform or you can request the raw footage in MP4 format for a fee.

Send your requests to:

What group is Rodaflow affiliated with?

Rodaflow is not affiliated with any groups. We interact with and support everyone with the intention to build a more connected capoeira community for the next generation.

What styles of Capoeira does Rodaflow showcase?

Rodaflow showcases the 3 main styles of capoeira: Regional, Angola, and Contemporary.