Freedom through Movement

A Holistic Approach to Fitness

The desire for an unyieldingly high quality of life should be everyone's priority

Consistency and Confidence

The biggest problem that most people have with achieving fitness results is consistency and having faith in the process and their trainer. You must have consistent attendance to training sessions, consistent adherence to a nutrition plan, consistent effort in workouts, consistent tracking of progress, and consistent communication between the trainer and client. If you don't acheive your 12 month goal and you have done everything that I've asked of you, I will keep working with you completely for free until you hit your goal.

Tailored Approach

Personal training is meant to be personalized (imagine that), yet some individuals often feel that their training program does not fully meet their specific needs or goals. This happens when your trainer does not adequately assess your fitness level, preferences, and functional limitations . Don't worry though...I've got you covered!

Flexible Scheduling

Coordinating schedules with a personal trainer can be difficult, especially if they have limited availability or if you have a busy lifestyle with other commitments. This can result in missed sessions and slowed progress. To remedy this problem, we have the option to have your sessions anywhere: your closest gym, your home, your local park, at work or online. The more I'm able to help you show up for yourself, the stronger you will become.

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