Static Training

February 19, 2022

  • The message that Mestre Grilo is sharing with us is that he knew another Mestre that did a research experiment where he observed 10 Rodas and studied the movement patterns of the people that played. Through his observation he discovered that most capoeiristas use at most 8 movements and those are the ones they are usually most comfortable performing. Rarely did he see capoeiristas struggle to execute new or challenging movements because they were afraid of fear of judgement from their peers. This observation becomes much more consistent as a capoeirista progresses to higher ranks. High Cords frequently play the same game for 10 years and don't allow their game to develop beyond a certain level for fear of being taken down or failing to execute a movement. Don't fall into this trap. Continue to push yourself outside your comfort zone, trying to constantly introduce new movement patterns into your game so that you may continue to evolve and encourage meaningful conversation with other players which will also helps them grow into better capoeiristas.


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